I am passionate about the whole package called 'Teaching and Learning' in secondary school education. My vision within any school context is that
1. A successful school is any school that majors on experimental teaching;
2. with exemplary T & L behaviours modelled by staff and students;
3. with clear landmarks signifying progression for staff and students alike;
4. where the reward is growing competences
5. within a can-do, risk-taking and empowering organisational set-up
6. and evangelical mind-set about the ability to make a difference in the lives of children.


As a teacher I experienced the upward and ongoing struggle of maintaining the delivery of differentiated lessons - so that all students could remain engaged. I recognised the responsibility for student motivation lay with the teacher and engineered my lessons accordingly. Yet Ofsted quality lessons are not a functional reality for any teacher operating on a day to day basis, week in, week out, and I found myself working a 60 hour working week just to keep up. Enough was enough, and I have set up this company to deliver on resources that can help release the science teacher to teach - by reducing his/her workload, and by simplifying the means by which students can access scientific concepts for their own understanding. I believe the resources I am developing can make the teaching of science enjoyable again for the committed science teacher, by focussing upon scientific competences as the foundation for all future successes at GCSE, while stripping down the need for written work, homeworks and out-of-hours admin. for the benefit of all.

Learning about the plant cell
A self-explanatory resource for independent learning by the child.
The Plant Cell lesson plan exemplar.ppt
Microsoft Power Point presentation [587.5 KB]

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